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64-Year-Old Man Asked to Leave Supermarket for Wearing Flat Cap

The man, who walks with a stick, reportedly told security “where to stick it.”
Photo via Flickr user Huzzah Vintage. Overlay by MUNCHIES. 

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta accept that wearing an objectionable hat may result in you being banned from public spaces. The fedora that launched a thousand bad opinions, the universal-symbol-for-thinking-going-down-on-your-girlfriend-is-gross beanie, the hunting cap worn exclusively by Etonians from Wiltshire—all terrible, and all should be banned. Sorry! We don’t make the rules! British supermarket Tesco does, and they’re fighting the good fight by eliminating men and their stupid, stupid hats.


Yesterday, security in a West Midlands Tesco Express told a man he would need to remove his (beige, ugh) flat cap, or leave the shop. According to the BBC, Graham Cattermole was asked to leave the branch as part of the new “no hoodies or crash helmets policy.”

The 64-year-old was shopping with his wife when security informed him of the policy. Cattermole refused to remove the cap, saying that the beige (ugh!) flat cap shouldn’t be subject to the policy, and promptly left the shop without purchasing anything.

“It is just a ridiculous situation, and my family and friends have said how stupid it is,” Cattermole told the BBC. “I've been going into the same store wearing different hats for many years, and never had a problem, until now.” A change is coming, friends. Revolution is in the air.

Cattermole, who walks with a stick, reportedly told security “where to stick it” during the incident.

Tesco apologised for “the inconvenience caused.” In a statement to the BBC, the supermarket said: “Our store manager would be happy to welcome the customer into the store to discuss the matter with them.”

Don’t let the hat-lovers grind you down, Tesco.