This Video of an Ump Calmly Defusing Rage-Consumed Terry Collins is Delightful

In this video from 2016, Noah Syndergaard was ejected for throwing behind Chase Utley, and then-Mets manager Terry Collins lost his shit. Now we know what he said.
Screen capture via Twitter/@TigersJUK

This video is from early in the 2016 season and it features Noah Syndergaard throwing a fastball, uh, just a bit inside of Chase Utley in the third inning of a Mets-Dodgers game at Citi Field. It's fairly unremarkable except that Syndergaard was promptly tossed, Terry Collins lost his shit, and, now, we know what everyone was saying. It's been making the rounds on Twitter after user @TigersJUK uncovered it and it is wildly entertaining. (Update: the video has been taken down from Twitter, it still lives (for now) on YouTube, so we swapped it in here).


"Our ass is in the jackpot"! What a wonderful, incoherent phrase!

Sir, why did you throw me out of the ballgame?

Our ass is in the jackpot if we don't throw you out.

Fair enough.

So, the backstory here, and why the umpires' collective ass was in the proverbial jackpot, is that this was one of the first meetings between the Mets and Dodgers following Chase Utley's infamous takeout slide in the 2015 NLCS. On that play, Utley sliding into second extremely late, and extremely hard, resulted in a broken leg for Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada. He was carted off the field. As a result of the play, baseball changed the rule at second base, requiring runners to slide for the base, and not the player. It has become known as the Utley rule.

So, the Mets were out for some blood and had the God of Thunder on the hill. It was Utley's second at bat of the game, so they at least waited that long, but they did want revenge, and they certainly wanted revenge without losing their best pitcher for most of the game. That's what set off Collins in the first place, you can hear him, through spittle and "cocksucker"s, saying "you gotta give us a shot."

The umpires did not let them exact revenge without paying the steepest price, but credit to umpire Tom Hallion: he defused the situation perfectly, while letting Collins blow his stack. Every umpire should always be mic'd up for just these situations. It is a delightful side of baseball that, sure, you get to see, but hearing the actual confrontations is the sonic version of Dorothy landing in Oz and everything goes technicolor.

The Mets lost that game to the Dodgers, 9-1, on the strength of two Chase Utley home runs, one of them a grand slam.