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Iceage and Sky Ferreira Collide on the Organized Chaos of "Pain Killer"

The Copenhagen upstarts have also announced their fourth album 'Beyondless,' due for release May 4.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

A couple of weeks ago, we heralded the return of Copenhagen's most raucous sons, Iceage, with a new single "Catch It." True to form, the track is dark and stormy, and primed fans for a new era of music.

Today Iceage are back not only with the inevitable album announcement—Beyondless, their fourth offering, comes via Matador on May 4—but also a particularly tantalizing prospect of a new track. "Pain Killer," which you can hear above, features none other than Sky Ferreira on backing vocals. Ferreira's the first guest vocalist ever to appear on an Iceage song, and she and Elias Rønnenfelt feel like inevitable collaborators, the breathy bittersweetness of her vocal offsetting his pained style.

As well as incorporating Ferreira, "Pain Killer" is a (very positive) departure for the band, opening as it does with blistering horns, with a more ordered-feeling energy throughout. The magic that makes Iceage is still there in abundance, from the two singles we've heard, it seems like Beyondless will be marked by a rock momentum that feels straight-up and exciting. I can't wait.

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