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Chance the Rapper's Intern Has Shared What His Role Was Actually Like

Turns out it's kinda different to how we imagined...
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Image by Julio Enriquez via Flickr; license here

Back in March, Chance the Rapper announced that he was looking for an intern, and I imagined what that might be like. But now, the real intern, Negele Hospedales, a recent University of Calgary graduate, has spoken to Pigeons and Planes, about what his experience was actually like. I can still dream though, I guess.

In an interview wth the site, Hospedales, who created an entire website explaining why he should be chosen, says that he found out that he'd been selected the same day the site went live. However, the next time he heard from Chance was three weeks later, via a text message asking simply "how are you?" which honestly sounds about right.

His duties weren't necessarily fixed. "For the most part, I did some communications work," he said, "basically consisting of getting in contact with possible collaborators, and then I was responsible for generating fresh ideas in general and formatting them for possible implementation. And […] a little bit of whatever was needed of me at the time." So maybe my guess about fetching goody bags with baseball caps in them for guests wasn't actually that far off.

Hospedales went out on Chance's Be Encouraged tour, and talked about his main takeaways from the experience, noting that "being around so many successful creatives – more specifically, black creatives – was something that I really think has helped me out." Typically heartwarming, because what is Chance the Rapper if not a legit inspirational figure?

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