People Explain Why Their Job Sucks in Six Words
Illustrations by Brandon Celi

People Explain Why Their Job Sucks in Six Words

"Despite hammering, glass ceiling still intact."

In our modern employment landscape, it's rare to find a perfect fit. Long hours, gnarly co-workers, commuting woes, thorny office politics, crabby managers; there are plenty of reasons a job can suck. Working from home can be a drag too—the only stimulation you get is from asking your cat if she's a good girl (she is), and tracking down payments from dodgy clients can be a massive, time-consuming headache. That in mind, we asked friends and co-workers why they despise their gig. Here's what they said.


"Boss's son microwaves tuna in pouches." - Ben, 31

"Despite hammering, glass ceiling still intact." - Joan, 31

"Full-time demand, part-time pay." - Emily, 26

"Old managers don't believe youths' experience." - Elizabeth, 30

"Boss calls me 'the little mommy.'" - Anna, 30

"Achieved satisfaction only pleasing higher-ups." - Jill, 27

"Baby calls the shots, 24/7." - Charlie, 27

"As an introvert, networking sucks ass." - Jill, 33

"Boss over shoulder all damn day." - Brittany, 25

"Because I have to wear pants." - Suzanne, 32

"Saying 'I tip well!' and don't." - Claire, 28

"My American boss thinks she's British." - Kate, 31

"Bros call shots, women stuck executing." - Clarice, 32

Illustration by Brandon Celi

"My phone is infested with cockroaches." - Shannon, 39

"The year-round A Christmas Story quoting." - Tom, 40

"Too much work, too little pay." - Jackie, 34

"Boss monitors my 15-minute breaks." - Beth, 23 "Late hours, long commute, idiot boss." - Kiki, 33

"Customers complain about EVERY LITTLE THING." - Joel, 34

"Forced into racially profiling people." - Zachary, 29

"Higher ups are out of touch." - Leo, 27

"Veteran employees have sense of entitlement." - Tony, 35

"Lawyers egos are off the charts." - Preti, 33

"Boss can't stand anyone who disagrees." - Annie, 36

"Baby boomers need everything on paper." - Francisco, 27

"Justifying my rate to the cheapskates." - Jill, 33

"Fighting fires relentlessly. Crying. No support." - Emma, 30

"Not paid enough for this shit." - Kate, 26

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