Bail From the Party With The Trendees

These outsider experimental punks from New Zealand make their own fun.
October 5, 2017, 9:32am

Everyone's experienced the boring party but few can articulate the frustration of wasting time at a social gathering quite like The Trendees. Over rudimentary drumming and distorted guitar, Matt Plunkett rants about a party where the "talking was inane" and "no one really stayed". He got drunk anyway. The chorus is him basically screaming/slurring, "It was a very boring party." A few years ago I found out that the party was his.


The three-piece from Oamaru, New Zealand, play outsider punk rock that is not for everyone. Certainly not for these children running from a kitchen during a house gig they played. But if you dig the minimalist but expressive rock of bands such as the Electric Eels, you're going to dig The Trendees.

Originally released in 2015 on cassette through Epic Sweep, their record We Are Sonic Art is being brought to vinyl via a co-release between Christchurch's Melted Ice Cream and Melbourne label Albert's Basement.

Plunkett says that the album was inspired by indifference, small towns and cold winds.

"Mounting frustration caused this – it felt like it might be the last time. The four track was set up on the ironing board. We felt pissed off and ignored. We played our songs slurping on beer and snarling stupid between takes. There were cords everywhere slack and trodden. Piles of paper with felt tip words in a corner by the mic stand …Sometimes we stamped our feet, yelled or jerked unintentionally ….Afterwards someone got some cheap champagne and we sat on the bonnet of Austen's car. It was sunny. We felt good."

Listen to the tracks below and feel some of that buzzing sunshine.

'We Are Sonic Art' 12" is available now through Albert's Basement and Melted Ice Cream.