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Down Time: Living as a Mermaid to Get Away from Dry Land Drama

Cassia Crawl spends her days doing online damage control as a social media manager, but drowns out the noise of the digital world as her mermaid alter-ego Sia Shellz.
September 25, 2017, 2:16pm

While most influencers are plugging new crackers, sneakers, and energy drinks, Cassia Crawl is determining how many starfish out of five to give the latest pair of fish-scale tights that showed up in the mail. Outside of work as a social media manager, Cassia is Sia Shellz, a bonafide mermaid who adds an aquatic twist to every facet of her lifestyle. We caught up with her to learn about the nuances of squeezing into your tail, the mer-community in Toronto, and what life is like under the sea.