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Finally, a 'Blade Runner 2049' Trailer That Makes Sense

The studio has apparently decided to award our collective patience with some honest-to-god plot information.

When the first teaser trailer for Blade Runner 2049 dropped back in December, all we got were some compelling visuals of Ryan Gosling looking moody in his trench coat and Harrison Ford popping in for a Force Awakens–style cameo. Then there were more trailers, with more glorious Roger Deakins footage of a hazy, neon-lit dystopia, and a few short prequel films to fill in the gaps between the end of the original Blade Runner and the start of the second. Still, we never got too much information about what actually happens in the film.


Now, mercifully, Blade Runner 2049 is hitting theaters this Friday, and the studio has apparently decided to award our collective patience with a final trailer that actually gives us some honest-to-god plot information.

In the new trailer, Ryan Gosling's Officer K—not to be confused with Agent K—is tasked with investigating Niander Wallace, played by a freaky-eyed Jared Leto, who is illegally "building an army" of Replicants. K apparently can't handle all the scary robots on his own, so he hits up grizzled Blade Runner Richard Deckard (Harrison Ford) and recruits him to help.

Along the way, K crosses paths with another old Blade Runner, the origami-folding Eduardo Gaff (Edward James Olmos, reprising his role from the original movie) and then gets in a fight in some weird futuristic trash dump. K and Deckard also seem to go swimming in the ocean in the middle of the night with all their clothes on or something.

Weird ocean scene aside, this is actual plot information, featuring an actual protagonist and a clearly defined mission, explicitly spelled out in a trailer without viewers having to obsessively parse every individual shot and wring out a meaning. Hallelujah!

If this trailer doesn't do it for you and you need more Blade Runner to keep you occupied until Friday, just revel in the moment Harrison Ford punched Ryan Gosling in the face on set.

Give the trailer a watch above and catch Blade Runner: 2049 in theaters starting October 6.

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