People Told Us How They Found Out Their Partner Cheated in Six Words

People Told Us How They Found Out Their Partner Cheated in Six Words

"Reading novel he wrote about it."

There's no perfect way to find out your partner stepped out of your relationship. Whether the ego-bruising, heartbreaking news was learned through your partner's social media slip-ups or other forms of so-called digital lipstick, sloppy planning oversights, or their just blurting out a confession, the infidelity always stings. We asked friends and co-workers to sum up how they found out their significant other cheated in six words. Here's what they said.


"I had a dream about it." - Morgana, 30

"Reading novel he wrote about it." - Sophie, 35

"I had the worst stomachache: chlamydia." - Eileen, 25

"Fucker called me by her name." - Leia, 29

"He kept liking her Instagram pics." - Iris, 32

"Left his diary open on table." - Porcelina, 28

"Found condoms in his gym bag." - Kelli, 27

"Came home early. They were fucking." - Brad, 29

"Forgot to untag himself (Facebook photo)." - Dana, 29

"New email: She booked the B&B." - Carli, 33

"Saw photos of them on Facebook." - Kelsey, 27

"He left his email open for me." - Kylara, 32

"My friend saw his Match profile." - Melanie, 46

"He drunk dialed while it happened." - Mikaela, 27

"On Tinder while next to me." - Kat, 28

"Paid her for dinner on Venmo." - Ashley, 26

"I smelled strange perfume on him." - Sara, 32

"Co-worker revealed who his mistress was." - Carrie, 35

"Why am I covered in glitter." - Genevieve, 29

"FetLife alert screen on his phone." - Melanie, 46

"Confessed after we bought the ring." - Amanda, 31

"Girl complimented his spaghetti on MySpace." - Eleanore, 34

"Matched to my friend on Tinder." - Renee, 47

"Roommate told me she fucked him." - Doris, 33

"'Michael Jackson died… Also, I cheated.'" - Sam, 25

"His ex texted: 'I bought condoms.'" - Julia, 29

"His best friend's fucking Snapchat story." - Savannah, 24

"Friend called. He got someone pregnant." - Ella, 26

"Found her shoes under his bed." - Julia, 36

"Checked his phone. Found her boobs." - Justine, 32


"Found a Craigslist Missed Connections post." - Violet, 29

"He told me while we snuggled." - Lauren, 36

"Found her vibrator in our Airbnb." - Lauren, 33

"Their social media posts and updates." - Monika, 35

"He confessed to me while drunk." - Liz, 29

"He snapchatted me a video. Idiot." - Sara, 21

"Followed the dummy to her house." - Penny, 35

"Dumped me, needed a 'clear conscience.'" - Joanne, 32

"Asked him. He lied. Asked again." - George, 39

"Video of her on her knees." - Shannon, 32

"Met his fiancée at a party." - Celeste, 29

"Psychotic new girlfriend sent me emails." - Ellen, 33

"He was married. I should've known." - Brittany, 32

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