Belly Squad's New Video for "Deceitful" Makes a Perfect Shift into Autumn

It's less balmy than we're used to from the London trio, but marks a change of pace.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
September 25, 2017, 9:53am

What a difference a month makes. Following August's sunny visual for "Lifestyle," the Belly Squad boys are at it again, with a video for recent single "Deceitful". The London trio seem to be moving with the seasons as far as their videos are concerned: as much as "Lifestyle" projected summer vibes, "Deceitful" is a darker mood altogether – both musically and visually – and it's actually an interesting change, and a widening of the lens on what Belly Squad can do.


Featuring the lads alternately stunting on an abandoned boat (very Halloween), and lit by neon lights, it's a switch up on their usual brightness – but that's definitely not a bad thing. If we're honest, this is exactly what we're after when it comes to an (almost) end-of-year banger.

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