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Counterparts Comes to Terms with Change in New Song "Haunt Me"

A new song from the Hamilton post-hardcore group's new album.

Despite going through numerous lineup changes, Counterparts has somehow not only managed to retain their identity but crystallize their spot as a band worth any listener's time through their heavy and fast but melodic riffing. The Hamilton, Ontario band is returning with their fifth studio album titled You're Not You Anymore on September 22 and "Haunt Me" is one of the 11 tracks that will be featured on the record.


Much like the album, "Haunt Me" isn't a slow burner or a particularly hard listen. It quickly proves to the audience that the presence of the band is more in-your-face than ever. From Blake's desperate wailing leads to Brendan's hollowing lyrics, Counterparts has become some sort of force of nature. Listen to the track below and read on for our interview with vocalist Brendan Murphy about the new song and the upcoming album.

Noisey: "Haunt Me" sounds like a well rounded balance of old and new Counterparts, does this sort of reflect the whole feel of You're Not You Anymore?
Brendan Murphy: I think it does. We kept the traditional Counterparts sound but just took a smarter approach to how we actually execute songs. I feel like the main thing the band was lacking is replay value and catchiness on past records. We wanted to make sure we put out material that can keep the people interested after many listens. It helps give the record longevity.

In this song, you speak of a painful attachment but towards the end of the song it almost resolves to its unchaining. Is this a constant theme that could be found within the album?
You nailed it. I think the theme of vulnerability is a mainstay throughout the course of the record. The record deals with a lot of change that I've personally experienced in the last few years and I think that the changes are a product of allowing myself to be vulnerable and open with myself as well as others. These themes pop up quite a bit throughout YNYA.

Despite having old members leave and new ones join, Counterparts has still remained Counterparts. How did you guys manage to keep the band's identity?
I think Counterparts has always been more than an individual member. It actually pisses me off when I see people saying things like "Counterparts is all Brendan" because you really downplay the value of everyone else. I think the lineup is the best it has ever been both professionally and on a personal level. Counterparts grew to be its own entity with the last few releases, and I think that we all know how to approach songwriting to help maintain the "Counterparts" vibe that we're known for.

Catch the band on their Canadian tour for You're Not You Anymore.

◦ Sep 14 - Quebec City, QC - Salle Multi
◦ Sep 15 - Montreal, QC - Le National
◦ Sep 16 - Kitchener, ON - Koi Fest
◦ Sep 17 - Ottawa, ON - Brass Monkey
◦ Sep 19 - Kingston, ON - Overtime
◦ Sep 20 - Toronto, ON - Opera House
◦ Sep 22 - Hamilton, ON - Absinthe
◦ Sep 23 - London, ON - London Music Hall
◦ Sep 26 - Winnipeg, MB - Park Theatre
◦ Sep 27 - Regina, SK - The Exchange
◦ Sep 28 - Edmonton, AB - The Needle
◦ Sep 30 - Calgary, AB - The Gateway at Sait

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