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Watch SZA and Kendrick Fight Ninjas in New "Doves In The Wind" Video

SZA's released a new martial arts-themed video for her Kendrick Lamar-featuring 'Ctrl' cut "Doves In The Wind."

SZA has released a music video for "Doves In The Wind," a Kendrick Lamar-featuring track from her debut album Ctrl, via Spotify. In the video, SZA and Kendrick practise martial arts in the desert in the style of a kung fu film, drinking tea and fighting ninjas. Watch the video for "Doves In The Wind" on Spotify.

There is, to a degree, a discomfiting layer of broad 'Asian' aesthetic applied to the video that doesn't quite sit right in 2018 (especially after all the discussion around Isle of Dogs and using 'Asian-ness' as a costume). That said, Kendrick and SZA have infinite chemistry together, and it's cute to watch the pair play around together in the desert. Between this and their Coachella performance, I can definitely feel some kind of 'SZA and Kendrick in the desert' internet video subgenre forming."Doves In The Wind" follows SZA's previous videos for "The Weekend" (directed by Solange), "Broken Clocks," "Drew Barrymore" (which featured a Drew Barrymore cameo), "Supermodel," and "Love Galore."

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