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Listen to A$AP Rocky's New Moby-Sampling Track "ASAP Forever"

It's not April Fool's Day, so you can be sure that "ASAP Forever (feat. Moby)" isn't a prank. In fact, it's the latest single from Rocky's new album 'TE$TING'.
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Ready for some strange news? A$AP Rocky's new single features Moby. This isn't clickbait: Richard Melville Hall, the nineties electronica icon who makes music as Moby, actually features on Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky's new single! And y'know what? It kinda slaps. Taken from Rocky's new album TE$TING, "ASAP Forever" finds him rapping about A$AP Mob and talking about their success, delivering lines like "A$AP boys came with the flame" over an airy sample of Moby's "Porcelain," lifted from his 1999 breakthrough Play. Listen to the track:


In a very cute side note, Rocky mentions that he and his romantic partner "kiss to Frank Ocean and Blonde," which is, frankly, adorable. It's nice to know that Rocky likes to pash while listening to Frank just like the rest of us. The second half of "ASAP Forever" is just a remixed version of "Porcelain," with a new female vocal laid over the top of the song's original vocal. It's unknown as to whether Moby did additional production work on this version. In case you haven't heard "Porcelain" since the early 2000s, which, let's be honest, is very likely, you can listen (and watch its ridiculously creepy video) below:

If this seems like a strange collaboration, please consider that for a brief period of time I had a playlist titled 'Rocky Collaborations' which featured songs he's done with Lykke Li, Jessie Ware, Florence Welch, Rod Stewart, Mark Ronson and Lana Del Rey. Rocky has diverse taste, and as someone who barely listens to anything that wasn't in Gossip Girl, I respect that.

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