Gavin Grimm: The Student at the Heart of the Trans Civil Rights Movement, Part 1

Meet the teenage boy from Virginia who became an unlikely leader in a legal battle that will define his generation.
April 12, 2018, 5:14pm

"Youth, Interrupted" is a series on trans teens in the United States whose lives have been dramatically disrupted by anti-trans "bathroom bills" and other political battles. Watch more from the series here.

Gavin Grimm is a teenage boy from rural Gloucester, Virginia. He is also the plaintiff in a lawsuit seeking the right to use the boys' bathroom at his high school. His case has made its way through a series of appeals all the way to the Supreme Court, making Gavin a central figure in the transgender civil rights movement. In March, the court decided not to hear Gavin's appeal—meaning he and other trans students in schools across the US continue to face discrimination and anti-trans legislation.

In Part 1 of Gavin's story, we meet Gavin at his home, where he explains the heartbreaking toll that this fight has taken on him.