Ronald Guzman Tries Out for the Gymnastics Squad

The Texas Rangers first baseman stretched out for a wayward throw and did a full split to ensure an out against the Oakland Athletics.
Screen capture via Twitter/@MLB 

We've yet to see his floor routine, but so far Ronald Guzman seems primed for Tokyo 2020. The Texas Rangers first baseman pulled off some mind- and groin-numbing feats of gymnastics yesterday to keep a foot on the bag as Matt Chapman hustled down the first base line to beat the throw.

Chapman did not beat that throw, however, because Guzman went all Aly Raisman in the infield to secure the out. What's more, the man seemed nonplussed by the whole Stretch Armstrong (am I dating myself?) maneuver as he just kind of rotated his hips and went on with the play afterward:

Whatever his gym routine is now, it will likely include a new yoga component, if it doesn't already. But for now, I imagine the first thing in line is an ice bath. Ow.