Tim Barry’s Four-Year-Old Daughter Shot His New Video and Did a Great Job

See the former AVAIL frontman from his daughter's perspective.

The last time we caught up with Tim Barry, he kindly invited us to his home in Richmond, Virginia, where he was adjusting to life as a father after years of hard touring with the legendary punk band AVAIL. At the time, his daughter, Lela Jane, was one and a half, and his second daughter, Coralee Hall, was still ten days away from being born. Three years later, the girls are old enough to do their own fishing from the looks of Barry's Instagram. Lela Jane has even been trying her hand behind the camera, as she did for the video for her father's new song, "High on 95."


Armed with an old VHS camera, the four-and-half-year-old Lela Jane captures all of her dad's favorite spots, from the downtown streets to the rail yard where he does his thinking. Watch the video above for a tour of Richmond from a three-foot-high vantage point, and stay until the end for a tender moment that'll make your day.

"High on 95" is the title track on Barry's new album, his seventh since embarking on a solo career. The album is out on September 8 and you can pre-order it from Chunksaah Records (and, very fittingly, you can get it bundled with a camo hat).