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Yung Lean Delivers a Fresh New Sound on His Latest Track “Red Bottom Sky”

This is a different Lean from the one that first appeared on YouTube in 2013.
Photo via Yung Lean on Instagram

Yung Lean's latest track "Red Bottom Sky", is a hypnotic five-minutes of atmospheric and melancholic melody that builds over lush synths and the Swede's despondent vocals. Produced by fellow Sad Boy member Gud, the track, taken from a forthcoming album, is a departure from his early work when he landed on the hip-hop scene hyped.

Though he's recently been releasing new material under jonatan leandoer127, this is the Swede's first official music since last year's Frost God mixtape, and could be some of his best. Lean's personal problems over the last few years have been well documented but with a new album due later this year things could be changing. As he sings on the introspective new track, "I was down, so deep down but time's turning."