The Latest 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Trailer Is Full of Guest Stars and Gripes

Carrie Brownstein plays Larry's constipated employee and Bryan Cranston seems to have the unenviable job of being Larry's shrink.
September 11, 2017, 3:21pm

Curb Your Enthusiasm is kind of like the bizarro Entourage. It's set in LA and follows the fictionalized life of an actual star, so there are always ample opportunities for real-life celebrities to pop into the show's universe. Curb's always had its share of cameos, since everyone from Michael J. Fox to the entire cast of Seinfeld jumps at the chance to berate Larry David on-screen.

The upcoming, long-awaited ninth season looks to be completely packed with famous faces—even by Curb standards. The new trailer that dropped Sunday night features everyone from Carrie Brownstein as Larry's constipated employee to Andrea Savage to Seinfeld alum Bryan Cranston, who appears to have the unenviable job of being Larry's shrink.

According to Rolling Stone, the new episodes are also set to guest star Nick Offerman, Jimmy Kimmel, and Elizabeth Banks, among others. Series regulars Richard Lewis, Jeff Garlin, J.B. Smoove, Ted Danson, and Susie Essman will also be returning. So will Cheryl Hines as Larry's ex-wife and notorious ring stain culprit.

The upcoming season, which airs October 1, is the first new Curb in six years. We've already seen how he would fare as a superhero in the first teaser, but Monday's trailer gives us a better look at the new season in all Larry's shoelace-snapping, perfume-spraying, young lover-heckling glory.

Catch the debut of Curb Your Enthusiasm season nine on October 1 on HBO if you aren't one of those terrible criminals who pirated the episodes already or whatever.