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Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, June 2019

Welcome to Gemini season, dear Pisces!
May 31, 2019, 4:14pm

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As light and airy as Gemini energy is, Gemini season is a complicated time for you, Pisces, finding you focused on your home and family life and reflecting on themes like privacy and security. Like Gemini, you're a mutable sign, always moving and coming up with new ideas—however, this time of year, you often find yourself looking back and slipping into your more sentimental, nostalgic moods. As the sun traverses Gemini, this is a magical time to reconnect with yourself and your past, your family and roots, and to energetically cleanse your home. Do some spring cleaning—Cancer season is around the corner, and you'll be partying up a storm soon!


The month opens on an intense and passionate note, as sweet Venus in gentle Taurus connects with Pluto, the lord of the underworld, in Capricorn on June 2. This is a potent time for communication and extremely deep conversations come your way. It's also a powerful bonding moment for your social life. It's hard for most of us to be vulnerable in a healthy way; we can be too guarded, or not guarded enough! As harmony-loving Venus dances with Pluto, the planet of depth, the energy is conducive for intimacy. People who shy away from intensity will feel called to touch its edges, and those who thrive in it will have a fantastic time!

A fresh start arrives with the new moon in Gemini on June 3, especially in your home and family life. You might be moving or changing something in your living situation. This a great time to clear out the energy in your home, mop up with some uncrossing floor wash, and toss out old junk. A long phone call with a family member (blood or chosen) for some juicy gossip or reminiscing is also in order. Gemini is all about communication, but during this full moon, we collectively feel like we don't have the answers (I blame the upcoming Jupiter/Neptune square, which we'll discuss later!), so if you find yourself thinking, "What the heck?" know that you're right on target. Use the energy to daydream and brainstorm, not to get frustrated because you don't have all the answers. Things are in flux!


Mercury enters fellow water sign Cancer on June 4, bringing flirtatious messages and party invitations your way! Cancer, like you, is a very intuitive sign, so expect a boost in your psychic powers, as well as more creative inspiration. Mercury connects with Uranus in Taurus on June 7, bringing surprising news and a breakthrough in communication or thinking. An unexpected message arrives. Venus enters Gemini on June 8, inspiring you to beautify your home, and this is a lovely time to invite people over to enjoy your space with you. The sun squares off with Neptune, which is in your sign, on June 9, bringing some confusion, wistfulness, and nostalgia, and the energy isn't very grounded. However, exciting shifts take place as the sun opposes Jupiter on June 10—the mood is generous, and exciting opportunities come your way.

Action planet Mars in Cancer connects with dreamy Neptune and opposes taskmaster Saturn in Capricorn on June 14, followed by Mercury doing the same on June 16. You're in an especially creative and romantic mood, Pisces, but you might find that your friends don't approve of who you're smooching, or that your boss doesn't want to invest in the project you've been dreaming up. You might find that people who have no business being bossy with you are exerting their opinion—it's time to set some clear boundaries. You might have authority figures in your life step in, and it would be wise to consider their perspective even if it poops on your party a little bit.


Neptune helps you stay in the creative flow despite the obstacles in the air, and this doesn't need to spell the end of a romance, but keep in mind that Saturn is the planet of "no," so when warrior Mars tried to break down its wall or when communication planet Mercury tries to negotiate, hard stops are faced. This isn't the time to ask for a favor or raise or to make a bold move. Pace yourself, heed the advice of your elders, and know that rejection is in the air. Keep dreaming and creating, and know that any "no's" that come your way aren't the end for you and your dreams; they're just redirecting you.

Your two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, square off with each other on June 16. This is the second of three squares between these two planets this year. The first was January 13, and the next is September 21. This year, long transit finds you reckoning with your hopes, fantasies, and delusions concerning home and identity. It's crucial that you come down to earth as you examine these emotionally charged topics. You might find that you want to believe in something or someone (perhaps a lover or family member) so badly that you fall for a scam, ignore red flags, or otherwise get let down. A gentle balance needs to be struck now because if you lean too far into skepticism, it's possible that you'll end up paranoid. Knowing what's true feels difficult at this moment, but this is also a potent time to examine your beliefs, grow your creativity, work things out in therapy, and bond on a deep level with your close friends and family. If you've put your faith someplace it doesn't belong, you will be let down…but at least you'll be closer to the truth. Is ignorance bliss? This is an important thing for you to consider at this time. Know that just because one person or situation disappoints you, you're at least not doomed to repeat the experience again—and, dear Pisces, some very fun times are on the way later this month as the sun enters Cancer!

There's a full moon in Sagittarius on June 17, which is major for your career. So much of your focus has been on your personal and home life, but you're totally focused on the spotlight at this time. Emotions about your goals and reputation come to the surface, and you may finally be releasing a project into the world, and it's giving you big feelings. This is an important time to consider the balance between your public and personal lives. It might seem like it's not a big deal right now, but as you grow in fame and fortune, figuring out when to leave the office in the office and what things to keep private will become more important!

Saturn connects with Neptune and Mercury meets Mars on June 18, creating a supportive energy—especially in your social life—and boosting your energy as you embark on a new creative project. It's also a juicy time for romance! But things get difficult as Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto on June 19; watch out for quick tempers, jealousy, and even manipulative behavior. A situation that's been brewing suddenly reaches peak drama. Control issues are especially evident at this time. It's a good idea to bring in a third party to help mediate! Pay close attention to the conversations, plans, and ideas that come up between the start of Mercury's pre-retrograde shadow period on June 20 and the start of its retrograde on July 7. These themes—especially concerning love, creativity, and scheduling—will be reworked until July 31.

Neptune retrograde begins in your sign on June 21, so make extra time to rest. Be gentle with yourself, and nourish your soul with art, music, and fantasy. It's a great time for journaling and meditation. It's not a great time to binge watch horror movies or alien conspiracy documentaries because the energy can get paranoid, and it's truly not worth it, Pisces. Also on June 21, Cancer season begins! This is one of the funnest times of year for you, dear fish, as the sun illuminates the sector of your chart that rules celebrations, fertility, fun, love, and creativity—basically, all the best stuff! Things are especially dreamy as Venus opposes Jupiter on June 23 and squares off with Neptune on June 24, but watch out for over indulgences—things feel so good that it's easy to want more, more, more, and wake up the next day wondering why you overdid it!

Mercury enters fire sign Leo on June 26, helping you get organized and inspiring you to use that planner you bought because it was so cute, but that you never use because you've been too busy. Yes, Mercury retrograde is around the corner, so you'll erase and rewrite plenty of the items on your to-do list, but better that than losing track of time and your responsibilities. The month wraps up with the sun connecting with rebel Uranus on June 27, bringing unexpected news your way—a feeling of freedom is in the air! Good luck this month, Pisces, and see you in July!