Illustration by Amanda Lanzone

Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, June 2019

Welcome to Gemini season, little scorpion!

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Gemini season is an intense time of year for you, Scorpio, but let's be real—you love it! Of course you get stressed when shit hits the fan, but there's also a part of you that thinks, "Ahh… the truth will be revealed, the crap that hasn't been working will end, and we can rebuild if we choose to do so."


As a Scorpio, you're ruled by Mars and Pluto, the planets of war, so you're familiar with endings—and you're intimate with the idea that each ending is also a new beginning. Gemini is the sign of duality, and you're keenly aware of the duality of endings and beginnings. Gemini season finds you wrestling with all sorts of emotions and, on a more mundane level, dealing with financial issues like debts, taxes, and inheritances. This is a complicated time when jealousy rears its head and you move through grief. But intimacy between you and your partners is explored and major transformations are made, especially as sweet Venus connects with Pluto, the lord of the underworld, bringing you plenty of pleasure and opening lines of communication on June 2, and during the new moon in Gemini on June 3. A renewal in the way you and your partners share things with each other—money, feelings, you name it—has arrived. This new moon is also a tremendous time to release the past, so plan a ritual or connect with a therapist to process grief. An ending is here, and it deserves to be honored…and you deserve to move forward, little scorpion.

Communication planet Mercury enters fellow water sign Cancer on June 4, inspiring you to keep an open mind. This is an exciting time for travel as you'll find yourself feeling at home in unexpected places. News from afar also arrives. Mercury in Cancer also bodes well for your studies, and on a spiritual level, this is a powerful time to tap into your intuition or attend some inspiring lectures. Mercury connects with electric Uranus on June 7, finding you having surprising conversations with your partners. Venus enters Gemini on June 8, and themes concerning your partner's financial situation bubble up. This is also a powerful moment when it comes to intimacy. Are you getting what you want in (and out of) bed? How do you ask for what you need from your partners? Make time to reflect on this as seductive Venus flirts its way through loquacious air sign Gemini.


A lazy energy flows as the sun squares off with Neptune in dreamy Pisces on June 9. There's definitely a possibility of romance, but things also feel confusing, so this is not the time for serious conversations about any topic. Neptune is the planet of fog, and the best we can do right now is dance in the mist. Abundance flows as the sun opposes Jupiter on June 10! But try to strike a healthy and happy balance between being frugal and generous. Mars in Cancer makes a harmonious connection with Neptune and then opposes Saturn in Capricorn on June 14, followed by Mercury connecting with Neptune and opposing Saturn on June 16—creativity slows, but can people see the vision? Not exactly. Communication is blocked at this time, but things will soon open up.

Jupiter in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune on June 16, stirring up big feelings, questions, and dreams, and finding you reflecting on work, value, creativity, and your love life. This is a profoundly powerful time to work your manifestation skills, Scorpio, but it's crucial that you don't buy into bullshit or believe false promises—or make any of your own. Magic is in the air, but so is some nonsense. This year, and especially now, you're being taught lessons about your faith in love and security, and learning which of your beliefs are rooted in reality or fantasy. The full moon in Sagittarius arrives on June 17, bringing a big climax to a financial situation in your life. If you're in a witchy mood, this is a powerful time to work magic to release old patterns in spending and saving that don't serve you anymore. Sagittarius is all about more, more, more, but full moons are emotional times, so please don't spend more, more, more in an effort to soothe yourself! Just take it slow, and make sure to catch up on rest.

Saturn connects with Neptune and Mercury meets Mars on June 18 and the atmosphere is supportive, creative, and productive. Saturn and Neptune get together, bringing you empathy and intuition as you navigate some serious conversation, and Mercury's meeting with Mars keeps things moving forward and brings exciting news your way. Just watch out for tricky conversations as Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto on June 19. People are feeling especially protective of their beliefs and perspectives. Tempers are high, and you need to be mindful not to get into arguments. Mars and Pluto are your ruling planets, and as they face off, it's crucial that you control your temper and think before saying something that could terminate a relationship. Your words have very heavy weight at this time. That said, not all endings are bad, and this could be a phenomenal time to cut something off that needs to go. Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow period on June 20, so pay attention to the topics that come up between then and July 7, when the retrograde begins. From July 7 to July 31, these conversations, ideas, projects, and themes will come up again for reconsideration.

Neptune retrograde begins and the sun enters Cancer on June 21! You're in a sensitive mood, dear Scorpio, and your heart is wide open. Art will bring tears to your eyes, you want to stay up until the crack of down with your friends partying, and you're feeling especially mushy in love. This is a fantastically creative time, and Cancer season finds you traveling and opening new doors of opportunity. Venus opposes Jupiter on June 23 and squares off with Neptune on June 24, stirring up a massively romantic and abundant energy. There's a major likelihood of overindulgence and bullshitting, but this could also manifest as a magical, whimsical time to get lost in love, have fun, and enjoy all the blessings coming your way. There's a flexibility and openness in the air, and you're feeling invited and supported to experiment.

Mercury enters Leo on June 26, so expect some buzz about you to take place! This is a busy time for your career and your life in public, as communication planet Mercury in proud fire sign Leo brings exciting meetings and conversations about rewards, recognition, and your reputation. The sun connects with wildcard Uranus on June 27, so watch out for who you might meet at this time; unexpected connections are made. Good luck this month, Scorpio, and see you in July!