LaCroix's Newest Flavor Is...

Will the new flavor be Dental Dam or Eagle-Eye Cherry?
la croix seltzer water flavors

On Friday, LaCroix Sparkling Water posted a 15-second animation of a solid pink can with its signature bright green and pink accents. “Hi, something new is coming 5.13.19,” it wrote. “Share your best guess below.”

We’re guessing that the “something new” means that the company is rolling out a new flavor today (and it’s also fair to assume that this might be a bid to increase its slumping sales figures).


Regardless of the company’s motivations, we’re excited at the possibility of buying, trying, and being mildly underwhelmed by whatever new product LaCroix has in store for us. We’ve also been frantically refreshing LaCroix’s Twitter feed as we wait for the big reveal—and we’ve also taken our best guesses at what the new flavor will be:

  • Strawberry, But From France or Whatever
  • Pepto Breeze
  • Salmon Mint
  • Dental Dam
  • Eraserade
  • Rawberry
  • Ham Bouquet
  • Smugly Goji
  • Guava-ccinate Your Kids
  • Fiberglass-n-Lime
  • A Forced Smile Despite Your Unyielding Sense of Dread About Our Increasingly Dystopian Future (Caffeine-Free)
  • Fizzy Gum Wall
  • Kiss from a Rosé (Wait, that's dope; please ignore that one, LaCroix)
  • Buckcherry
  • Eagle-Eye Cherry
  • Don Cherry
  • An Instagram of Cherry Blossoms
  • An Instagram of Blossom’s Hats
  • Lickitung
  • Lickitung, But From France or Whatever
  • Berry Surprised (That We’re Hype About This)

Come on, LaCroix! Don’t leave us hanging.

UPDATE: LaCroix has announced that the new flavor is "HI-Biscus"

Hmm. OK.