This story is over 5 years old.

British Masters – Luke Haines

John Doran speaks to accidental Britpop inventor and author, Luke Haines.

In this series for Noisey, John Doran has been speaking to notable figures from popular music such as Bryan Ferry and Gary Numan. As the series continues he will be speaking to other talents, other outliers, other British masters.

John: "Today I am talking to Luke Haines, rock star and author. He's a man who's been accused of inventing Britpop -- when his band The Auteurs released their debut album New Wave in 1993. With this and other projects such as Black Box Recorder, Haines became balefulness personified in an age of bland and chipper compliance."

On February 24th Luke will be re-releasing two albums digitally through Fantastic Plastic.

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