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Our Venom Superman Is Doing a Reddit AMA Today

Ask the guy who injects himself with snake venom whatever you like.

Join in with Steve's Reddit AMA here.

Join in with Steve's Reddit AMA here.

Remember Steve Ludwin, the guy we made a film about who's been injecting himself with deadly snake venom for over 20 years for no particular reason other than a vague hunch that it might make him live longer? Well, he's doing a Reddit AMA today from 4PM to 7PM GMT, so you can log on and ask him why he continues to mainline highly poisonous cobra venom into his blood despite the fact it's made three separate parts of his body swell up into volcanic pus sacks before. Or what the "high" he gets after a shot of viper venom feels like. Or what it feels like to beat the shit out of a punching bag while you've got rattlesnake venom coursing through your veins. You can ask him anything – that's the point.


His username is VenomSuperman – join in with Steve's Reddit AMA here.

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