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Restaurant Noma As Reviewed By Action Bronson’s Instagram Followers

Some folks think he'd be better off with a pizza.

Action Bronson’s been in Copenhagen these past couple of days, shooting a Danish episode of Fuck That’s Delicious. The nation's best chefs have been lining up to stuff him with local produce, undoubtedly ruining ordinary meals for the rest of his life. Poor fellow. The culinary tour-de-force culminated with his trip to Noma, the worlds best restaurant, instagramming all the way as only a tech sauve rapper can. The otherworldly 25 course menu left a divide amongst his instragram following, with folks unable to decide whether to label New Nordic cuisine throw-up in throw-up or Fucking Gangsta. As the two categories don't seem mutually exclusive to us, we decided to just bring you the instagram crowd's judgements all together.


This is Restaurant Noma as reviewed by Action Bronson’s Instagram followers.