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Listen to the VICE Gaming Podcast, Episode Seven: The E3 2016 Wrap Special

All of the big talking points from the super-expo in Los Angeles: the food, the fashion, the toilets, the tat, and just a few new video games.

Here is a photo from inside E3, of Link, from that new Zelda, on the side of a wall, taken by Mike Diver

Did we mention we went to E3 this year? I like to think we made enough noise about it, but just in case: here's all of VICE Gaming's coverage from the LA expo. Go take a peek, if you like.

New games were revealed, including an impressive-looking God of War reboot, the beautiful open-world racer Forza Horizon 3, and Hideo Kojima's post-Konami comeback Death Stranding. Eagerly anticipated titles gained momentum as they near release, foremost amongst them Nintendo's new Zelda, the drop-dead gorgeous Breath of the Wild. And the curtain lifted on new hardware from Microsoft, with Project Scorpio, its next-gen Xbox, announced for release in late 2017 (sorry, Xbox One S, but you're already redundant). Oddly, no mention was made of the next PlayStation, the so-called NEO, with Sony's emphasis very much on PS VR. But I'm betting we'll hear all about that new bit of kit in the autumn.


To close our coverage of E3 2016, here's the latest episode of the VICE Gaming Podcast, hosted by editor Mike Diver (oh, hi) and recorded at our London office. Guesting this time, for a Wrap Party of sorts, is Digital Spy's Gaming Editor Sam Loveridge, whose E3 2016 was her third in total. Up for discussion: all the major talking points from the LA Convention Centre. The food. The fashion. The state of the bogs. Some games, too. Mechanical bulls. What this year's tat was like. Snoop Dogg's bifta. Important stuff. You should definitely give it a listen.

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Yes, there's some echo: we record in a big room, a big room with very comfy seats. I'll take a snug arse over perfect fidelity every time, or at least until we can squeeze a decent armchair into a soundproofed editing booth. Also, there may be a couple of coughs. We tried, we tried.

Warning: this podcast does contain swearing. It was the end of the day, at least one of us was anticipating a Remain vote, and that person's spirits were high. But you're a grown up who can deal with the off F-word, I'm sure. Fuck, that is. Not fidgety, which is what we would have been, had we done this in a smaller room.

Unbelievably, we didn't talk about how Sam saw blink-182 live, and I went for dinner (sort of) with Green Day. WTF, right? Anyway, find Sam on Twitter here, and follow VICE Gaming on that very same social media platform here. More episodes of the VICE Gaming Podcast can be found here.