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March 26, 2007, 9:39pm

The French love to shit disturb. Most of the time it's by arguing for longer coffee and

pain au chocolat

breaks or being able to smoke indoors. Last week that French moxie actually came in handy when some bumbling cops caused a ruckus outside of a grade school while trying to fill their illegal immigrant quota by the end of the day. Yes, French police officer squads have to pick up a minimum of 10 illegal immigrants per week...

Logistically it becomes a total mess when they get close to the 6 PM deadline, and they turn into cartoon cops scrambling around trying to get their work done. That exact scenario played out last week when the cops decided to bust an old Chinese grandfather who was waiting outside a local grade school. The shit hit the fan when other parents saw what was happening and lay down in the street in order to stop the cop car from moving. Doesn't this system just reek of desperation on the part of the French government? Seriously guys, a grandfather?