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March 10, 2009, 7:09pm

Andy and I have decided to co-write this post. Usually we take turns. Don't you know that? Wow, you really don't pay much attention. Well listen up, were going to talk about a band in Toronto called The Bitters. The tracks we've heard are total pop masterpieces. They've not even played a show yet, but they have a bunch of stuff coming out on a load of really great labels soon. That's not the normal way of doing things I guess but I really think they're gonna be a fucking great band. Whaddya reckon, Andy?

I am fully into it, James. Bitter by name but sounding sweet indeed. I hear you on the whole pop masterpieces thing, the two songs I've heard thus far have hints of college rock back when that was a desirable quality, and are so infectious that I spent all day whistling the chorus to "Warriors" after I heard it the first time. Speaking of whistling, Ben Cook does some on their recordings, as well as supplying killer licks and singing screwed melodies alongside Aerin Fogel. I think one of the more special things about their songs are just how well their vocals compliment one another. What is your favourite thing about The Bitters, James?

I think my favorite thing about The Bitters is their ambition. They sound like they are writing the music for the next Planet Earth boxset. Seriously though I am not entirely sure. They just hit the spot right now.

Bitters - "Warriors"