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Resin Dogs

Brisbane based hip-hop is still as strong as ever.
December 1, 2003, 12:00am

Photo by the author

With their new album Hi Fidelity Dirt just released, Brisbane hip hop collective Resin Dogs have been busy hitting the promotional trail. Countless interviews asking the same boring questions. We took the comedy tag team of Katch and Chris out for a few drinks and got them discussing the finer points of compulsory third party car insurance instead. Vice: What happened to the Resin Dogs car? That shit was tricked out like the Bat Mobile. Katch: Yeah, I loved that car. The VM Commodore. Fully tinted. I had the sound system put in with the stacker and the changer. I had a girlfriend who used it while I was away on tour and she managed to blow up the engine somehow. So I just had that fixed; the whole engine rebuilt. Then, I was having lunch in the Valley one day and it got stolen. So anyway it was like the whole Jazzy Jeff thing, who stole my car you know? I was describing it to the police in the Valley and they asked me what the car looked like? And I’m like “actually, see that car driving down the street, that’s my car right there”. Three days later I got a phone call from the police saying they had found it wrapped around a bridge. It looked like a giant had stood on the front and pushed the $3,500 engine which I had put in a few weeks ago out the back of the car. Luckily I got my speakers back and they were the most important part. And that’s what happened to the Two Dogs, Resin Dogs car. Vice: So are you gonna’ get a new car or what? Chris: If I had unlimited funds I would just use a rental car and I wouldn’t take the fucker out of first gear. The abuse of rental cars is a right we’ve earned by touring for so long. We went to Tasmania one time on a national tour, and we’d never been there before right, and the Tarago we rented didn’t even have electric windows. I’m the only guy in the band who hasn’t written off a rental car, but we got to Hobart and I refused to take this old Tarago out of first gear. The revs were so high that dogs couldn’t even hear it. Katch: My greatest abuse of a rental car was in a brand new 2000 Tarago with 1500km on the clock. It ended in a five car pile up, including a Mercedes, in peak hour traffic, in the rain in Melbourne. I tried to ring up to get a new one, and they were very obnoxious on the phone. I was like, “well we really need a car” and they were like “well you’re not getting another one”. But I mustn’t have been going that fast because the airbags didn’t even go off. So yeah, it caused like $250,000 in damage and I only paid $500 in excess. Hahahahahahaa. WEEZY 132