Will We Ever Be Able to Take Drugs Safely?


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Will We Ever Be Able to Take Drugs Safely?

In this week's VICE podcast, we talk about "harm reduction," the movement to make drug use as safe and fun as it can be.


The term "harm reduction" is increasingly being used by academics, politicians and drug experts. It's the idea that people are going to take drugs no matter what, so we should try and make it safe and enjoyable for them. Harm reduction encompasses everything from testing pills for purity to having on-site festival councillors to talk people down from their trips. But what does it mean for the legalisation debate? And will it actually make your drug-taking experience any better?

This week we kick off series two of the VICE UK Podcast, with drug tester Guy Jones, government drugs advisor Professor Alex Stevens, and VICE staffers Matt Shea and Joe Bish.

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