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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Billionaire George Soros pledges $10 million to fight hate crimes, computer scientists urge Hillary Clinton to call for a recount in three key states, and more.

Everything you need to know about the world this morning, curated by VICE.

US News

Clinton Team Urged to Call for Swing State Recount
A group of computer scientists and lawyers are urging Hillary Clinton's team to challenge the election results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. The group believes Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in Wisconsin counties that relied on electronic voting machines, which they see as an indication of possible manipulation. The White House reportedly opposes a challenge.—New York Magazine

Trump to Choose Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is reportedly set to picked as the next US ambassador to the UN by President-elect Donald Trump. The 44-year-old Republican governor, daughter of Indian immigrants, is expected to be announced as Trump's choice today, according to multiple sources. —The Post and Courier


Federal Judge Blocks Expansion of Overtime Pay
4.2 million workers set to become eligible for extra pay from December 1 will have to wait at least a little longer. US District Judge Amos Mazzant granted an injunction to halt a new Labor Department regulation, which would have ensured those earning less than $47,476 were eligible for overtime. —USA Today

Dakota Pipeline Protestor May Lose Her Arm
Sophia Wilansky, a 21-year-old New York woman, is fighting to save her arm after she was badly injured in clashes with police at the Standing Rock pipeline protests. Wilanksy, who claims she was hurt when a concussion grenade fired by the police exploded, has reportedly undergone eight hours of emergency surgery. The Morton County sheriff's department denies responsibility. —VICE News

International News

Indian Army Kills Nine in Kashmir, Says Pakistan
An Indian artillery shell struck a passenger bus in the disputed Kashmir region, killing nine people and injuring another nine, according to Pakistani officials. The fracas follows the death of three Indian soldiers on Tuesday, after which their army threatened "retribution." —Al Jazeera

Colombian Government and FARC Set to Agree New Deal
President Juan Manuel Santos's Columbian government will sign a new, revised peace deal with the FARC rebels on Thursday. A previous peace deal was rejected by popular vote in early October. Rather than be subject to another referendum, this one will be put forward for approval by congress. —BBC News


Saudi-Led Air Strike Kills 12 Yemeni Civilians, Say Residents
An air strike by the Saudi-led coalition killed 12 civilians traveling in a pickup truck in Yemen's Hajja province early Wednesday, according to local residents. The locals said the truck was going to the market in Hiran, an area controlled by Shia Houthi rebels battling the Saudis. —Reuters

Court Upholds Khmer Rouge Leaders' Life Sentences
Cambodia's Supreme Court Chamber has upheld the life sentences of two senior members of the Khmer Rouge regime. Former President Khieu Samphan, 85, and Nuon Chea, 90, had previously been found guilty of crimes against humanity by a UN tribunal. —AP

Everything Else

George Soros Gives $10 Million to Fight Hate Crime
The billionaire George Soros is donating $10 million to community groups and civil society organizations in a bid to tackle a surge in hate crimes. The philanthropist said "dark forces" had been "awakened" by the recent election. —The New York Times

Dalai Lama Has 'No Worries' About Trump as President
Tibet's exiled spiritual leader claims he has "no worries" about Donald Trump becoming president, explaining that leaders work "according (to) reality" when in office. The Dalai Lama also said he looks forward to meeting Trump. —AP

Yassin Bey Announces Retirement Shows
The artist formerly known as Mos Def says he will end his performing career after forthcoming shows at New York City's Apollo Theater and Washington DC's Kennedy Center. Bey plans to move to Africa after retiring from music.—Rolling Stone

First Posthumous Prince Song Released
The previously unheard Prince track Moonbeam Levels, first recorded for his 1999 album, has been released. The old song will be part of the new greatest hits compilation, Prince 4Ever. —Noisey

Home Sales Rise at Fastest Rate Since 2007
Sales of existing homes in the US rose 2 percent in October from the previous month, according to the National Association of Realtors. That brings the annual rate of home sales to 5.6 million, and marks the fastest rise since February 2007. —VICE News

Valley Bigger than the Grand Canyon Discovered on Mercury
Scientists have discovered a valley larger than the Grand Canyon on the planet Mercury. According to research published in Geophysical Research Letters, the valley in the planet's southern hemisphere stretches for 621 miles. —Motherboard