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Some Guy Stole a Human Brain and Used the Fluid to Get High

Twenty-six-year-old Joshua Long was busted after stealing a human brain, nicknaming it "Freddy," and then soaking his weed with the formaldehyde​ to give it an extra kick.
Photo via Flickr user Nano Anderson

A Pennsylvanian man apparently trying to whip up some homemade Spice was busted getting high off embalming fluid from a stolen human brain, the Morning Call reports.

Twenty-six-year-old Joshua Long was charged Thursday after admitting to stealing a human brain and soaking his weed with the formaldehyde to give it an extra kick. Long's aunt ratted her experimental stoner nephew out after she found the human brain hidden inside a department store shopping bag while cleaning up the house.

Detectives reportedly believe the stolen brain was originally used as a classroom anatomy aid. It's unclear if the brain was in a jar or if Long was just storing the loose organ in a shopping bag and squeezing juice out of it whenever he needed a fix.

What is clear, though, is that the 26-year-old took quite a liking to the gray matter, even going so far as to name it "Freddy," according to court documents. He has since been charged with abuse of a corpse and conspiracy and is currently in jail.

As gross and disgusting as smoking brain ooze is, you have to give the guy credit for finding a use for internal organs that's almost as creative as jumping rope with cat intestines.

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