Photos of a Cincinnati Neighborhood One Year After an Infamous Police Shooting


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Photos of a Cincinnati Neighborhood One Year After an Infamous Police Shooting

Samuel DuBose's death led to peaceful protests, resulted in a cop getting charged with murder, and inspired this photo series of "Over-the-Rhine" from Taylor Dorrell.

Protestor at a Samuel DuBose march

"Over-the-Rhine" is an ongoing photo series that seeks to explore the Cincinnati neighborhood of the same name and its inhabitants. The series was started in response to the shooting of Samuel DuBose, an unarmed black man, by officer Ray Tensing of the University of Cincinnati Police, which happened a year ago on Tuesday.

Tensing has been charged with murder, and his trial is scheduled for the fall. Meanwhile, the Over-the-Rhine area has become increasingly gentrified—luxury residential buildings have gone up, a massive new park expansion is planned, and some public basketball courts are set to be demolished to make way for private development.


The portraits and landscapes of "Over-the-Rhine" offer an intimate look inside a neighborhood that is dealing with gentrification in the shadow of one of last year's most infamous police shootings.

All photographs by Taylor Dorrell

At a march for Samuel DuBose

Sisters hanging out at the park next to Cutter Playground, which will be a part of the new Ziegler Park

Alexander Shelton, leader of the University of Cincinnati's Students Against Injustice, visiting where he grew up in the West End

The Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade in Over-the-Rhine.

Will working at Macaron Bar in Over-the-Rhine

New townhouses priced at more than $600,000 each in Over-the-Rhine

The spot where Samuel DuBose was pulled over

Scotty, Gudda, and Goofy hanging out at a gas station known for criminal activity

Shauny on Vine Street in Over-the-Rhine

Trisha working on a house in Over-the-Rhine

Grady playing basketball at the Schiller courts that are slated to be demolished and replaced by private development

Sam playing ping-pong at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, which moved to Over-the-Rhine ten years ago

Apartments in West End

Football practice at Cutter Playground, which is currently being dug up to make way for the $30 million Ziegler Park that will include an underground parking garage, spray grounds, and a deep-water pool, Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, OH

Larry Ashford, owner of Smitty's Men's and Boy's Wear

Garrison on his back porch in Over-the-Rhine