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We're Making a New Film with Harmony Korine, Val Kilmer and Grolsch

It's going to help us figure out what the 'Fourth Dimension' is.

VICE and Grolsch have teamed up with three great directors to create one unique feature film that you'd be an idiot to ignore.

A pan-global directorial dream team of the USA's Harmony Korine, Russia's Alexsei Fedorchenko and Poland's Jan Kwiecinski will each work on half an hour of the film, which will be based around each director's personal interpretation of "the fourth dimension". Val Kilmer's gonna be in the first, playing himself. Sounds like a trip, right?


The guy overseeing it on our side is VICE creative director Eddy Moretti. He's very excited about the possibilities of this creative collaboration, which will push on under the banner of the 'Grolsch Film Works'.

"The mandate of the project is to create cinematic experiences with filmmakers that have truly unique approaches to character and story-telling. Inspired by filmmaker (and friend) Harmony Korine, I created a weird (but wonderful) brief that tasks each director to create riveting characters that inhabit supra-normal worlds," says Eddy.

“At the heart of the brief is the notion of ‘The Fourth Dimension’. Each director was asked to explore what a ‘Fourth Dimension’ might be. What is it? Where is it? What does it look like? What does ‘The Fourth Dimension’ mean to the main characters? And what could it mean for us, the audience, sitting in a blackened theatre ready to believe anything if it's presented in the right way?

"What I got back from the filmmakers was in turns intense, hilarious, poignant, and completely without precedent. I can’t wait to show the world!”

Well, you are the world, so know that we're expecting the film – tentatively titled The Fourth Dimension – to arrive early next year.

The first chunk of filming was shot by Harmony Korine, and features Val Kilmer as a motivational speaker at the fictional 'Lotus Community Centre'.

Here are some behind-the-scenes stills – find out a ton more and keep up-to-date with the project at