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Anarchists Put Naked Statues of Donald Trump in Cities Across the US

It's Mr. Brexit himself, all the way down to his big hair and tiny hands and even tinier junk.

s/o to whoever installed this Trump statue in Union Square last night — JamesMichael Nichols (@jamesmichael)August 18, 2016

On Thursday morning, New Yorkers passing through Union Square stumbled across an amazing and terrifying sight—a life-size, full-color statue of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, in the nude. It was Mr. Brexit himself, all the way down to his big hair and tiny hands and even tinier penis, and it was glorious.


According to Gothamist, the statue was the handiwork of anarchist art collective INDECLINE, who erected a handful of naked Trump statues across the US on Thursday. The group also released a video about the whole thing on YouTube, calling the project the "Emperor Has No Balls."

Hordes of people flocked to pose with the saggy-assed statue and shoot a bunch of selfies, but, alas, nothing gold can stay. City workers rolled up around 1 PM Thursday afternoon to haul the mysterious statue away. After realizing that the base was pretty permanently stuck to the ground, they smashed the naked Don's ankles and threw his footless body into a truck, leaving just the remains of the short-lived statue's sorrowful soles.

But worry not! INDECLINE's New York Trump statue may be lying in the bed of a Parks Department truck, but there are plenty still standing in a few lucky US cities. The collective has placed statues in Los Angeles, Seattle, Cleveland, and San Francisco's Castro District.

Those statues will probably suffer the same fate as the New York one eventually, but at least the image of Trump's veiny belly rolls will live on in our minds forever.

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Thumbnail image via INDECLINE's Instagram.