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Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Is in Palliative Care

The family of the former hard-partying mayor has been by his side in the hospital for days as he continues his battle with cancer.

Photo via THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is in palliative care, local media outlets have confirmed.

Amidst rumors that Ford, 46, who has cancer, was dead, Ford's office and family released statements Thursday indicating he was hospitalized at Toronto's Mount Sinai.

On Monday, the Toronto Star confirmed Ford is currently in palliative care.

"I have been at the hospital for the last five days and nights by his side," Ford's brother and failed mayoral candidate, Doug Ford, told the Star.


Ford's chief of staff reportedly said he was in palliative care but not end-of-life care.

Ford was initially diagnosed with pleomorphic liposarcoma—a rare type of cancer that grows in soft connective tissues—in September 2014, forcing him to drop out of the Toronto mayoral race. He is currently a councillor for Ward 2, Etobicoke.

He underwent surgery last May, but in the fall, he revealed doctors had found tumors on his bladder.

The former mayor's time in power was marred by controversy, most notably when he admitted to having smoked crack cocaine likely while in a "drunken stupor."

His office has said it will send out an update if his condition changes.

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