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Election '15

The New Wave: Labour

In this new series, we profile the young hopefuls looking to shake things up at the general election. In the first episode we meet 23-year-old socialist Sam Gould, who's running for Labour in Romford.

In this new series we travel around the country, from Durham to Glasgow to Peckham, to meet the new wave of young politicians and activists looking to make an impact upon the general election. With intense canvasing campaigns, some managed by the candidates' mothers, the fresh faces of British politics have swapped all the things that young people normally spend their time doing for a shot at shaking up Westminster.

In this episode, we meet 23-year-old Sam Gould, a young Labour candidate running in Romford. He argues that politics is a small elite group of white men living in a bubble and desperately wants to change the concept of his Essex town as a place only home to the dog track and clubs that serve WKD. The only problem is that many local residents have never heard of him.

Sam tells us that Ed Miliband was his main reason for joining the party. Dismissing Tony Blair's reign, he aims to return Labour to its socialist foundations—he says he wants to make a positive world for everyone, "not just the privileged few at the top." Eloquent and passionate, his mission is to keep Romford out of the clutches of the area's growing UKIP support.

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