Talking Weed Soda with a Dorm Restauranteur

Talking Weed Soda with a Dorm Restauranteur

In the latest episode of 'Tea Time with T. Kid,' our host is joined by Jonah Reider, a young chef who is sick of being described as the kid who transformed his dorm room into one of the hottest restaurants in New York City.
June 5, 2016, 1:30pm

In the new episode of Tea Time (which our sound engineer Nick accidentally called "Teat Time" in a recent email), my guest is Jonah Reider, a guy who is sick of being described as the dorm room chef. He's tired of people saying stuff like "this cooking prodigy started a gourmet supper club called Pith in his Columbia dorm room, which quickly became one of the hottest restaurants in town." Or that he was interviewed by a million publications and even went on Colbert. So I won't say any of that.


I first met Jonah at a weed dinner party where he prepared a number of cannabis-infused dishes that even got my taste buds stoned. I had the chance to burn one with the young dude, who revealed himself to be a chill and friendly kid with a nice, goofy laugh, leading me to think he'd be the perfect podcast guest. Plus, he'd get the chance to talk about his deep knowledge of cannabis cooking without having to talk about his dorm. So he came on the show, got absurdly high with your boy, and talked about all the fancy dishes he made me during that first meal, as well as how he cooks up mind-blowing stuff like weed soda.

My second guest in this episode, Zeke, brought by some clear cannabis concentrates, which we dabbed. Jonah was destroyed, but he carried it very well. Also, I was destroyed and probably carried it less well. After that, I'm a little bleary on what happened, so you should probably just listen to the episode.

For more on Jonah Reider's dorm room restaurant, visit Pith's website and follow Jonah on Instagram.