I Spent Pride Day with Berlin's Most Famous Drag Queen


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I Spent Pride Day with Berlin's Most Famous Drag Queen

For Gloria Viagra—drag icon, nightlife celebrity, and notorious party host—Gay Pride is an all-consuming 24-hours involving constant cameos, photo opps, and outfit changes.

All photos by Alexander Coggin

Hitting up all the LGBT events on Gay Pride Day in Berlin can be demanding for the average Queen or Berliner, but if you're Gloria Viagra—drag icon, nightlife celebrity, and notorious party host—it's an all-consuming 24-hours where your brand is contingent upon visibility throughout the whole city. Pride to Viagra is what the Oscars are to Meryl Streep.

This past Saturday, the Berlin native born Michel (she wouldn't share her last name or age—responding to "How old are you?" with "Blonde!") sat atop two floats at the Nollendorfplatz Parade, took photos with fans at the queer-centric fair KCSD, stopped by a party at the legendary gay bar Roses, and DJ'ed at the club Arena for an event called District Pride.


Photographer Alexander Coggin spent the whole day with Viagra from when she put on her make up and wig in the morning, to midday outfit changes, to her big DJ set at the end of the night. The "Empire State Building of Drag" (Viagra clocks in at a colossal 7'2" with heels) was an undeniable celebrity—not a minute went by without someone asking for a photo or shouting her name in praise. From 11 AM on Saturday past 5 AM on Sunday, this is how Gloria Viagra spent Pride in Berlin.

11:30 AM: Gloria's look, pre-drag.

1 PM: Gloria first (of several) completed costumes

2 PM: Meeting and greeting friends and fans at the Nollendorplatz Parade

2:30 PM: On the CSD e. V Float with friends

4 PM: On the GMF Float

7 PM: With Drag Queens Barbie Breakout and Fixie Fate at the Brandenburg Gate

10:30 PM: At the famous gay bar Roses for some socializing

12:45 AM: Back at Gloria's home in Schoneberg for a costume change

1:30 AM: Quick pitstop at the bar Lieblingsbar for a shot

2:00 AM: Meeting and greeting fans at the party District Pride

3:30 AM: DJ'ing at Arena for the District Pride party

5:15 AM: Waiting for a cab home at the end of the night

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