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Subway's Footlong Subs Are Actually Going to Be 12 Inches Now

The store has promised some sandwich size reform after a class action lawsuit accused them of selling shorter-than-a-foot footlongs.
March 1, 2016, 5:42pm

Does that look like a foot to you? Photo via Flickr user Rusty Clark

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A recent class-action lawsuit has ensured that Subway will start selling $5 footlongs that actually measure 12 inches, the Guardian reports.

The case of the missing inches began back in 2013, when an Australian boy's incriminating photo of an 11-inch "footlong" sub went viral. A subsequent hard-hitting exposé from the New York Post found that four out of seven purchased subs measured under a foot.

According to Subway, its bread is delivered to each store frozen and always the same length—the size discrepancy comes during the baking process. Excuses aside, the company is set to pay $500 to each of the ten plaintiffs named in the suit.

The company has also promised the world some footlong sandwich reform. For the next four years, Subway franchises will be required to measure those bad boys with a ruler before sale—or, as Wisconsin federal judge Lynn Adelman put it, "instituting or maintaining a requirement that franchisees use a tool for measuring bread." After four years, presumably, Subway's sandwich artists will be trusted to eyeball a foot.

The company has until May 30 to make sure all Subway stores are in compliance with the agreed-upon size regulations and measuring plan. Get your rulers ready.