Photos of Swiss Hardbodies Lubed Up and Flexing What They Got

Photos of Swiss Hardbodies Lubed Up and Flexing What They Got

If you breathe deeply, you'll smell the body oil and tanning product from here.
October 28, 2016, 4:00pm

This article originally appeared on VICE Alps.

Unterägeri is a village like many others in the Swiss Canton of Zug. It's surrounded by cow pastures and picturesque farms, and in the heart of the village, you'll find a community center like any other. That center is usually reserved for yodel concerts or other local gatherings, but one day a year, it's the backdrop to a different kind of event—the Swiss Natural Bodybuilding Championship.

On Saturday October 22, 100 male and two female bodybuilders came to Unterägeri to compete for the national title. Photographer Jojo Schulmeister was there to document the day backstage, where competitors did everything in their power to make their different muscle groups shine as brightly as possible before going on stage. Jojo came back with these pictures and the lingering smell of body oil and tanning product in his nose.