Watch Bill Murray Very Enthusiastically Chant For a Lupe Fiasco Encore

This is the most heartwarming and surreal thing you will see this week.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
December 2, 2016, 12:58pm

Bill Murray is always doing weird shit that will delight the internet – that's like, one of his purposes now – so it's never surprising to see him engage in bizarre activity tailor made for optimum viral ness.

His latest oddball moment came a couple of nights ago at Lupe Fiasco's concert in Austin, Texas, where he hung out with the rapper (because, obviously, Bill Murray is best friends with Lupe Fiasco) and was caught on camera enthusiastically joining in with the crowd's requests for an encore, air punches and all. Maybe this signals a 2017 rebrand for Murray, whereby he'll become a hip-hop head, start hanging out with more rappers, and under their tutelage, end up dropping the most fire mixtape of the year. Or, more likely, he'll just continue to pop up online having done some other unexpected thing every couple of months or so. Watch Bill chanting for an encore below:

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