Lil Yachty Sits Down to Chat with Ebro, Premieres New Song “Judgement Free"

"I think my fanbase thinks you hate every young star coming in."
November 29, 2016, 3:05pm

Ebro Darden has had some words for rapper and King of the Teens Lil Yachty over the past few months. Back in June, the DJ seemed to cast aspersions on Yachty's style, asking him if he was really a rapper. Yachty, to be fair, felt uncomfortable with the tag and preferred to call himself an "artist," but the matter did boil over the next month after Yachty released a track on beat called "For Hot 97," a matter that Ebro took as a personal slight. "Another rapper with 'Lil' in their name is offended; another high school-ass rapper is offended," he said back then. It spilled over on Twitter, of course, which is bad and dumb; eventually, it quickly became a farce.


So Yachty's appearance on Ebro's Beats 1 show yesterday was always going to be interesting, not least because Ebro tends to be a fairly reasonable dude when someone is staring him in the face and Yachty seems to be so stoked about so much of life that he can't stay mad forever. The two got into a frank discussion pretty quickly, with Ebro explaining, quite fairly, that he had to criticize the rapper because his job involves "quality control."

The full 18-minute conversation is here but you should watch the shorter cut below as well, if only to watch Ebro ask Yachty which artists inspire him the most. Without a moment of pause, Yachty says dead-on: "Coldplay."

Ebro also asked Yachty about his infamous ambivalence towards hip-hop's greats, Biggie and Tupac in particular. I will let the following tweets sum that conversation up.

There's a really nice little narrative arc to that: confidence, false promises, contrition.

Yachty also premiered a new track on the show called "Judgement Free," a track that, as the title suggests, calls for members of society to judge each other less. Check it out below.

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