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Hear the Breezily Defiant New Track from Lil B and Clams Casino, “Live My Life”

They’re going out on tour together next week. Shout out to The Based God.
September 12, 2016, 12:50pm

Photo via Lil B on Instagram

Lil B and Clams Casino are heading out on tour together next week, playing shows in California, New York, and Philadelphia that, one assumes, will be both dope and chill. In advance of the co-headline tour, they've shared a new track together "Live My Life," a pensive, upbeat cut with a defiant streak running through it. Clams's beat is sweet and melodic, drops of synths and a casual breakbeat stretching out. Lil B's individualism is split up by miniature identity crises, delivered carefully and in monotone: "Sometimes I don't know who I am / A white man trapped in a black man / Black man trapped in a white man / Trapped in the middle of a Sprite can."

Check it out below.

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