Goodbye, Comments Section


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Goodbye, Comments Section

“Live and let die.” —​ Bob Dylan
September 12, 2016, 1:40pm

​Dear Noisey Readers —​

As you may have noticed, Noisey has undergone a redesign. As a result, some exciting new features have been added to the site while other long running elements have been cut. One part of the site that has felt the axe is the comments section. You will no longer be able to comment on Noisey articles.

We know this will be an adjustment for you, dear readers, as you will be barred from supporting the objectively correct opinions, inarguably accurate takes, and impeccable tastes published every day here at Noisey. And for that, we are truly sorry.


For example, in the past, when Noisey has published lists of the most influential punk artists, from Avril Lavigne to Fall Out Boy, you have very thoughtfully chimed in on the comments section to tell us what fine selections we have made, and have, on rare occasions, politely suggested ones we have forgotten (sorry we missed Good Charlotte!).

From here on, when we are covering the latest stories in hip-hop, like the genre's most underrated artist, Toronto's own Kanye West, you will unfortunately be unable to let us know how well informed our reporting is.

No longer will you be able to weigh in with your highly valued feedback when we, the very hip and knowledgeable writers of Noisey, opine on Metallica's best era (post Load, of course) or Justin Bieber being a more talented artist than Paul McCartney.

Not much will change for us, the contributors of Noisey, who actually got paid to write this. We will continue to publish rich histories of music. But when we are tackling subjects like the untimely 2002 death of Nirvana drummer Kurt Cobain, we will have to do so under the assumption that you are in agreement with our writing and that we have made the best possible staffing choice by asking our intern to head up the project.

This is a sad day for us, beloved commenters, as we feel that the comments section has fostered a vibrant community over the years, full of healthy, rational discussions about music, compliments on the staff's impeccable writing skills, and tips on making $10000/month working from home. But going forward, we will have to simply assume that we have your full, unconditional support.

Thank you for reading and for reminding us how gifted we are at being edgy here at VICE. If you have any thoughts on this, let us know in the comments.


The Noisey Staff

P.S. The last good rock band is U2.