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Britain is Full of Tescos! Thankfully None Feature in Jamie T's Video For "Tescoland"

That said, there is the glorious sound of the great British intercom in the third video to be taken from Jamie's album 'Trick'

In certain places in Britain, it is possible to be within walking distance of four different Tesco Metro supermarkets. If one so desired, one could construct a route, walking between all four, searching and scrabbling through the reduced section for a cut price rice pot, or decaying pack of spring onions, or some ghastly looking ham. We're not sure if that's exactly what Jamie T is getting at in "Tescoland" - there's certainly no mention of delicatessen meats and microwavable meals - but in name alone it is an apt and perfect description for the homogenised streets of Britain's towns.


The track is the third single from Jamie's Top 3 album Trick to be given the music video treatment, which should alone mean something because, as we all know, three is the magic number. Despite being about supermarkets, the video features some tour footage. Fans of British transport and intercom systems will, however, be delighted when the video kicks off. Oh, what a glorious sound!

Watch below. And if you like your music to be transported into the physical realm, a limited run of "Tescoland" 7" will be released on January 13 with the exclusive b-side "Thomas Dunn". Pre-order that shit up here​.