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Beach Season's Cinematic Video for "Pink Room" Is Better Than That Show You Guys All Still Like

What was it called again? 'Two Hills' or something, right?

Calgary soul boys Beach Season have just dropped a new video for their almost ludicrously silky song "Pink Room." The clip is just as sumptuous, featuring fur coats, crisp suits, literal pink curtains, and vehicular death. With such a dissonance between the lush mood and the sordid subject matter, one could confuse this video for an episode of a persistently beloved 90s TV show by a notably eccentric auteur director. Of course, anyone making that comparison would be doing this rich, visually inventive video a disservice.


"The making of the 'Pink Room' video happened kind of serendipitously for us," say Beach Season. "We had met our director Mark Martin a couple years ago when we played NXNE (one of the first times we performed in Toronto actually). At the time he had a keen interest in our music and wanted to provide visuals for our showcase. Having never met him, we were skeptical about working with him on this show but decided to go for it and see what would come of it. We put our trust in him, and with the amazing team he put together the video could not have turned out better. Watch Beach Season's "Pink Room" video below.

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