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Watch The XX Debut New Song “I Dare You” and Perform “On Hold” on SNL

Sexy, kinda.
November 20, 2016, 5:01pm

Sullen British chillwave types The XX were the musical guests on last night's Saturday Night Live, the band's first TV performance since announcing the release of their third studio album, I See You, due out in January.

They used the opportunity to debut a new track, "I Dare You," a surprisingly sweet and poppy track that, like all of The XX's best work, sounds sexy in an awkward, just-woke-up-naked-and-I-think-we-might-be-dating-now sort of way. They also played their latest single "On Hold," released last week.

Watch "On Hold" below and click here to watch the band play "I Dare You."

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