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Immortal Technique Threw Lin-Manuel Miranda in a Trash Can in High School

“Felipe” was Miranda’s school bully. But the ‘Hamilton’ writer is proud of his classmate for growing up to channel the rage.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and star of potentially not-actually-real hit musicalHamilton, was Marc Maron's guest on his WTF​ podcast last night. Miranda is an eloquent and interesting dude and it was a good conversation, but let's cut to the headline. Immortal Technique threw Lin-Manuel Miranda in the garbage.

There's a famous alum of my high school. His rapper name is Immortal Technique. He's one of the most politically idealogical… made an incredible life for himself as a rapper. He was our school bully. And he terrorized kids. He used to throw kids in the garbage. I got thrown in the garbage by him. He was a really angry kid and it's be wonderful to watch him grow up and find a political outlet for that anger. But he was just Felipe and he scared the shit out of us.


Guys, bullying is very bad and hurtful and mean so you can't enjoy thinking about this for even one moment because it's bad and wrong and, again, very hurtful and mean.

Miranda told the story as a way of noting that everyone in school, even the bully known then as Felipe, wanted to be in the school play.

"Even kids who were the bullies would audition," he said. Nobody doesn't want to be in the school play… [Immortal Technique] got a part Senior year and I was like, 'Oh my god, I'm in a fucking play with the dude who scares the shit out of all my friends!'

Perhaps the best part though, and you should listen to it here​ around the 40 minute mark, is when Maron asks Miranda if Immortal's role in the play made him show a vulnerable and relatable side. Short of an emotional breakthrough, though, Miranda responds by saying "Yeah, he had to learn his lines."

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