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This Edit-Heavy Greg Wilson Set Will Take You Back to Every Great Weekend Ever

The esteemed selector's got us putting our wellies on ahead of a set at Farmfest later this summer.
Tim Collins

Apart from the novelist Malcolm Lowry—best known for his booze-sodden 1947 work Under the Volcano, a book that's so sozzled that its very pages stink of a Bank Holiday bender—Greg Wilson is New Brighton, Merseyside's most famous son.

Since the early 80s Wilson's devoted himself to a longstanding affair with disco, electro, and pretty much everything else that gets people dancing, becoming a permanent part of UK nightlife in the process. The first man to ever mix live on British television is still playing out just as much today as he was all those years ago, which is fantastic news for anyone with even the remotest interest in club culture, and as you're reading THUMP, we're going to assume that includes you.

Later this summer, Wilson will be making the trip down to Somerset for this year's instalment of Farmfest, where he'll be playing alongside the likes of Actress, Pinch, and Bill Brewster. If you like farms and music, then boy are you in for a treat.

To get you in the mood to don those wellies, Greg's letting all of you have a listen to a recent set from Berlin. As to be expected from any recording made at one of his longstanding and legendary Credit to the Edit parties, this one's heavy on reworks, rejigs, and remixes. Enjoy!