4/20 Just Ended and The War On Drugs Is Back

The Philadelphia rock band’s new song, “Thinking of a Place,” will be issued on 12” vinyl for Record Store Day tomorrow.
April 21, 2017, 2:41pm

Until this morning, Philadelphia six-piece The War On Drugs hadn't released any new, original music since 2014's Lost in the Dream. Anyone left thirsting for new tracks will now be fully, almost dangerously hydrated. "Thinking of a Place," the band's new single, is a full 11 minutes of War On Drugs wooziness, Bob Dylan vocal phrases, and clean, reverberating guitars. The lyrics are gently—very, very gently—evocative: "It's "I'm moving through the dark / Of a long black night / Just moving with the moon / And the light it shines / And I'm thinking of a place / And it feels so very real." It's meditative, if you give yourself over to it.


Listen to the track above.

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